Some Thoughts on the 2020 Oscar Nominations

The Oscar Nominations are here and I have some thoughts on the categories and who the Academy decided to nominate for most of the major categories. I will be saving my predictions for closer to the actual ceremony.

  • Best Actor

– This is a very good category, but as much as I liked Banderas in Pain and Glory I thought Taron Egerton, who just won the Golden Globe, should have gotten in.

– Get Jonathan Pryce out of there and give me Adam Sandler immediately


  • Best Actress

– Cynthia Erivo, you kidding me? Harriet was fine, but Awkwafina? The Farewell was one of the best movies of the year and she just one a Golden Globe for the role?

– Give me Lupita or give me death, enough of the Judy nonsense, the movie and the performance were just meh.

  • Best Supporting Actor

– Absolutely loaded category here that I have no issues with.

  • Best Supporting Actress

– Scar Jo doubling up here is very interesting but I loved both her performances.

– Kathy Bates getting in over J Lo is kind of sad because Bates had a smaller role in Richard Jewell.

– Love that my girl Florence Pugh got a nomination.

  • Best Animated Movie

– I really thought Abominable should have gotten in here.

– I am not a fan of Klaus I would have even put Lego Movie 2 over it.

  • Best Director

– Sad that a women especially Greta Gerwig could not get in here, but the only one I would take out is Todd Phillips.

– Again a super stacked year but it is just crazy to me Noah Baumbach could not find a way into this group of 5.

– So happy for Bong he really deserves it.

Image result for Bong joon ho gif

  • Best Picture

Image result for 2020 oscar nominations

– If Little Women did not make the cut here we would have had to riot.

– Happy to see Ford v Ferrari get some love because it really was a great cinematic experience.

– Cannot state how unprecedented it is for Parasite to have the run it has had. If it finds a way to win it is truly a historic run.

– Love that Jojo got in and shows how respected Taika really is in Hollywood.

– Really sad that The Farewell got overlooked basically everywhere.


I will be back closer to the actual awards for my predictions but for now we will have to debate who deserves to be there or not.

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