Us Review

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been scared at who is looking back? Have you ever wondered if you had an evil twin? The idea of doppelgängers has long been a fascination of tv and movies. Many horror movies have had an evil twin be the bad guy who is creating all the fuss. However, Jordan Peele’s new movie does both pay tribute to the movies of old, while also blazing its own trail.

Obviously Jordan Peele’s first movie Get Out was a global phenomenon not only in the box office..

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 4.21.57 PM.png

But it also got Peele an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay!


Naturally, the follow up to a debut like that is going to be highly anticipated and critiqued. No sophomore slump here, as Peele stamps himself as one of the best Suspense/Horror writers in the world today. Us is basically a movie (without spoiling too much) about a Woman, played by Lupita Nyong’o, who is coming to grips with an event from her past, and her family encountering evil versions of themselves. It is hard to give a fair review without completely spoiling it, I will say though the camera work, the music (shoutout Michael Abels), and the suspense of this all make it an extremely well crafted movie.

There are many scares, however nothing feels cheap. It all felt very thought out and not just a jump scare for no reason. Also bigger horror fans than I will for sure find many little nods and Easter eggs that Peele threw in to pay homage to his favorites of the genre.

Stock Watch


Stock Up – Lupita Nyong’o obviously comes out of this with flying colors. It is her first major starring role in a movie and she crushes it. She plays the Adelaide side of her character in such a simple yet clearly haunted by her past manner. When her other side shows up, Red, you cannot take your eyes off your screen because she is one of the creepiest characters I have ever seen.


All in on Lupita.

Stock Up – Winston Duke Plays Adelaides husband Gabe and he is the comic relief of the movie. But its not so much hes making jokes, he is just acting like a normal dad and reacting like a normal person would. I had only seen him in Black Panther and Avengers (also a couple Modern Family episodes) before this, but it seems he has a very bright future ahead of him.


Stock Up – Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex Playing the kids Zora and Jason Wilson were both incredible in both their normal and evil personas. Shahadi was particularly creepy as her Red persona.


I hope to see them much more in the future.

*A Couple other Tidbits

  • Needed more of Tim Heidecker and Elisabeth Moss, they were both incredible. Particulary Moss, she had probably the most stunning scene in the whole movie.
  • The Score again by Michael Abels was extremely creepy, and set the tone throughout the entire movie.

Of course, following up the Get Out phenomenon was never going to be easy, but Peele does a great job in his second shot at Directing. He created a very good horror movie that had people saying WTFFFFFF after it. That is all you can ask for a horror flick.

Juice Rating: 85/100

*You can find all of my movie ratings here.


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