Ramy – The Best Show you Haven’t Seen Yet???

As he stood on the stage accepting his Golden Globe for best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, Ramy Youssef joked, “I know you guys haven’t seen my show.” Following a raucous laughter, he continues, “We made a very specific show about and Arab Muslim family living in New Jersey. It means so much to be recognized by all of you for the hard work … Continue reading Ramy – The Best Show you Haven’t Seen Yet???

It will Always be Sunny (Funny) in Philadelphia

How is it that a show who’s pilot was filmed on a camcorder for under $100 has turned into the country’s longest running live action comedy series? To answer that question, we need to take a deep dive into the the minds of the struggling actors who brought our favorite bar owners to life. Often referred to as “Seinfeld on crack”, Always Sunny has moved … Continue reading It will Always be Sunny (Funny) in Philadelphia

Missing Baseball? Try watching Brockmire

If you’re like me, then you are missing baseball this spring. What makes things even worse is that my hometown Cincinnati Reds are actually ready to compete again after 7 years of rebuilding. (Free Agency!!!) How am I filling the void, you ask? Well, I’m rewatching Hank Azaria’s Brockmire on Hulu. Hank Azaria, best known for his voice work on the Simpsons (He voiced 24 … Continue reading Missing Baseball? Try watching Brockmire

Hi, I’m Dave

Have you ever fantasized about your life being the basis of a TV show or movie? The thought has crossed my mind. However, since my life is hardly interesting, a fantasy is all it will ever be. Dave Burd had the same thought but went ahead and made the damn show. Better known by his stage name, Lil Dicky, Burd took his talents from SoundCloud … Continue reading Hi, I’m Dave

The Appeal of Dating Reality Shows

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been forced to watch an episode of the Bachelor/Bachelorette by a significant other and ended up more invested in the results than that person? It happens to the best of us, myself included. #teamCassie&Colton Now, while I would not have started it without that little push by my girlfriend and her roommate, this quarantine has me trying all sorts … Continue reading The Appeal of Dating Reality Shows