May TV Trailer Drop

Welcome to the newest monthly installment to the Apple Juice Blog! For those who have been binging their hearts out during quarentine, here are some new shows dropping this month:

Space Force (May 29, Netflix) — Hold on to your seatbelts folks, they finally dropped the trailer. This has been one of the most talked about new shows since they announced it last year. Steve Carrell leads a stacked cast (Lisa Kudrow, Jane Lynch, John Malkovich, Noah Emmerich, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O Yang) as the head of the newest military branch. Expectations are high but Greg Daniels (co-creator of The Office) shouldn’t let us down.

The Right Stuff (streaming soon, Disney+) — Based on the Best Selling book of the same name, this series is focused on the Mercury 7, the pilots and astronauts that tested the rockets that would eventually get them into outer space. The trailer reminds me of any of the space race dramas we’ve seen before. It balances the science and politics with the family and human side of things. You know as a space nerd that I’ll be checking it out.

Reno 911 (Streaming now, Quibi) It’s BAAAAACK! One of Comedy Central’s late night classics has made it’s return to the small screen. Your favorite police officers are back with some new faces as well. If you dont know quibi yet, it’s an app that has a ton of quick bite TV episodes (4-10 minutes long) They have a free 90 day trial and if you have T-Mobile it is included with your service.

Upload (Streaming now, Amazon Prime) — Ever wonder what it would be like to have a digital afterlife? Think Black Mirror crossed with The Good Place. I’ve already binged through half the first season and it’s been quite enjoyable. Funny, heartfelt, and has quite a few hilarious real world references such as the merger of Oscar Meyer and Intel.

Solar Opposites (May 8th, Hulu) — Justin Rolaid (Rick & Morty) brings us another absurd animated comedy series about an alien family stuck on Earth. While it will definitely cater to the R&M fan base, it will be smart and topical and stand alone from the Rick and Morty Multiverse.


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