Looking back at Lost: Season 2

“See you in another life, brother.” This simple line delivered by Desomond Hume to Jack in the first episode takes a lot more meeting when we hear it again in episode 24. Season 2 brings us many of the answers we needed while also diving deeper into the mystique of the Island. Are the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 actually in another life?

I also want to note that the 23rd was the 10 year anniversary of the finale and there have been some amazing Instagram posts from the cast looking back. Check it out if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Anyway… same as last time, let’s cover the good, the bad, and everything in between.

The Good:

We finally get inside the hatch! The season 2 cold open gives us a lively musical intro as a faceless occupant goes about his daily routine. It is then revealed that this is set right before the survivors blow open the hatch. This was the big reveal that the audience needed in order to keep us hooked I am glad that the writers delivered. This also introduced the Dharma Initiative and their enigmatic lead scientist.

As we learn more about the new characters that showed up towards the end of season 1 (Mr Eko, Ana Lucia, Bernard), we also get to follow them as they explore more of the island to find the other stations. A lot of the flashbacks give us their history of the island, filling in the gaps for the audience like a puzzle. For example, we now know that bernard was on the other end of Boone’s distress call from the first season.

The other big challenge for our island dwellers in season 2 is the “others” We get to meet “Henry Gale” and his bearded liutenant, Tom. While their overall purpose is still unclear, we do find out that they have Walt doing tests, they were doing medical experiments with Claire, and Rousseau’s kid (now 16) is there trying to help the survivors out.

As the season wraps, we get two huge reveals. The electromagnetic events that occur on the island are real, and that the last one occured the same day as the crash. It was Desmond’s fault that the plane crashed

The Bad:

Michael. He is the reason for most of the issues this season. Unfortunately, his schtick got old quick. His only line over the entire season was basically, “I have to find Walt!” and there was nothing that anyone could do to stop that.

The love triangle between Jack, Kate, and Sawyer continues and briefly turns into a square with the addition of Ana Lucia. (RIP) This still doesnt seem necesary in the scheme of what was going on throughout the season. The writers had a wealth of new characters for flashbacks and island discovery so no need to have sawyer saying “I love her” in his sleep.

Quick Hitters:

  • New cutest couple on the Island alert! Hugo and Libby out of nowhere with the romantic connection. As much as we love Hugo’s ineptitude, it was nice to see him get this win. It was also equally devestating to watch him through his loss.
Pin on Favorite TV Couples
  • The Smoke Monster has the most terrifying sound effects for literally just being smoke
  • Hurley teases time travel, “They could be coming from anywhere, or anytime dude!”
  • Locke has struggles with his purpose. To push the button or not to push, that is the question. It’s a leap of faith
  • We learn more about the island geography, Desmond leaves in a straight line but ends up back on the island. Also, Michael is given very specific headings to leave. Is the island even on earth?
  • How is everyone so good at knocking people out? Or is everyone just easily knocked out? Such a convenient plot device
  • We see the four toed statue remains for the first time. Creepy
  • Did the Dharma Logo inspire the Whiteclaw logo?
White Claw® Hard Seltzer | Made Pure®
Dharma Initiative Logo - Dharma Initiative - Magnet | TeePublic
  • After Gale is revealed to be the leader, he said that the Others are the good guys. So then who are the bad guys?
  • We meet Penny, who seems to still be looking for Desmond by tracking electromagnetic events

Lingering questions:

  • Whats the deal with the big magnetic humming in the finale?
  • Will Penny find the island?
  • Where exactly is the island?
  • What are at the other Dharma Stations
  • Who dropped the dharma food stash
  • Is there any meaning behind the numbers?
  • Why do the others dress up in tattered clothing?

Things are heating up for season 3. Catch you in a couple weeks!


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