If you were stuck on Oceanic flight 815, Which character would you want sitting next to you?

Lost employed one of the largest ensemble casts in network TV history. With over 100 main and recurring characters, the production team was able to spin an enormous web of overlapping storylines spanning decades and reaching the entire globe.

We’re not here to answer the big Lost questions. Was it all real? Were they in Purgatory the whole time? Did they ever try to make real-life Mr Cluck’s restaurant (A la Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermano)?

I am here to ponder the simple questions. The questions that force you to read between the lines in order reach your conclusion. Questions that include:

Who was the island’s best golfer?

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Who had the best Sawyer nickname?

What did those fish biscuits actually taste like?

Sawyer earns himself a tasty fish biscuit

So, the question remains, who is your ideal seatmate, and who are we hoping continues down the isle past your row?

The best:

  1. Walt — He’s my number one here and not necessarily for the reasons you might think. Elbow room… the kid was glued to his PSP and wouldn’t be resting anything on that precious armrest real estate. I also don’t have the ability to sleep on planes so I am asking him for a couple turns with his game system to pass the time.
  2. Hurley — I am going to completely contradict myself with this pick for one reason… Networking. The dude is worth 153 million dollars and wanted nothing but to rid himself of the cursed fortune. We swap a few stories, share an elevated cocktail, and get some business done.
  3. Vincent — Who wouldn’t want the best-behaved cast member sitting next to them. Vincent is one of those dogs that only barks when it’s absolutely necessary so he takes spot number three along with a pat on the head and one big boop.

The Worst:

  1. Charlie — He was not thriving the day he got onto that plane. Rushed out of his flat after what was surely a long night of drinking and drugs, he 100% smelled worse than anything else on that plane. To make matters worse, he snuck even more onto the flight and was making frequent lavatory trips. Give the man an aisle seat and some deodorant, please.
  2. Kate & US Marshal Mars — Talk about an awkward trip. They had the middle and aisle seat so let’s say I ask to get up and see her handcuffs as I slip out, I’m now freaking out that I’m sitting next to a dangerous criminal. Given her propensity to escape custody, my guess is she would use me as a distraction to get free, no thanks.
  3. Frogurt and Arzt — Imagine being stuck between these two bozos for a 15-hour flight. At the first sign of turbulence, Arzt will give you his 10th-grade science class lecture about air pockets and warm fronts. Once he gets going, there’s no stopping it. By the time we land I’ll have felt as if I repeated high school science.

Did we forget anyone?


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