Toy Story 4 Review

At this point everyone knows what Pixar is… THE ANIMATION GOAT. They have been just putting out banger after banger for years and they do not seem to be stopping any time soon.


Toy Story however has always been their most prized franchise. It is the film that started it all, and it is easily the most popular franchise of any that Pixar has put out. To be honest 3 is so perfect and heartwarming that it felt like the perfect end of the franchise. When people heard this was happening, and saw the first trailer, there was many reservations heading into this.

Never in doubt though Pixar still brings the heat, especially with the Toys. This story is about how the toys new owner Bonnie makes a new friend Forky, and he decides to get lost in the forest. Woody goes after him because he is just so noble, and winds up on the adventure of a lifetime. Any more and I would kinda be spoiling so lets just get to the grades and we will finalize another fantastic entrant to the Pixar canon.

Animation – A It is Pixar and they always do it right. There were some legitimately incredible shots that could have been in live action movies, particularly one where Woody and Forky are walking down a highway. They also managed to make a spork look normal and fit into the universe which is an achievement in itself.


Voice Cast – A+ All the big dogs are back, Hanks, Allen, Cusack, Ratzenberger, and all the old pals. However, we get four all time performances from new characters: Key and Peele as two bears that kids try to win at the carnival, Ally Maki as a toy cop, and Keanu Reeves (in the midst of a Keanuassaince) dominating the screen as a toy daredevil. It really does not get better than this as far as voices.


Music – B The score was typically very good, and they brought back You’ve Got a Friend in Me, but nothing really too crazy to put this over the edge for me.

Story – A This is where the worry came in for the Pixar heads, because the first three were so satisfying we did not want them ruined. This felt very natural though and did not have to retread anything from the past. It gave us a true ending to Woody’s journey and at the end of the day this was always his story. I loved how they brought back Bo Peep, and the arc of the villain Gabby Gabby as well. As always Pixar comes through when they need to.


*A couple other tidbits

  • Bonnie kind of stinks compared to Andy, There I said it.
  • Jeff Garlin had like two amazing moments in this as well which always puts a smile on my face.

We may have been a tad worried going in, but as always Pixar knocked this one out of the park. Another incredible story about the Toys and another notch in their unrivaled filmography.

Juice Rating:

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 11.08.11 PM.png

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