Missing Link Review

Missing Link is the newest animated movie from Laika Animation Studios. Laika had some decent movies before they hit it big with Kubo and the Two Strings.


Kubo received widespread acclaim so I was really looking forward to this follow up. Missing Link was a solid movie that employed the trademark stop motion animation (will discuss below) and had a pretty heartwarming story to wrap it up. Here are the Apple Juice Animation grades for Laika’s latest flick.

Animation – B I am not a huge fan of Stop Motion, but this was a very coll and colorful movie to look at. Lot of cool nature shots and the animation of the sasquatch and yeti’s was very spot on. So It is certainly not the best but it is very passable.


Voice Cast – C+ I enjoyed the hell out of Hugh Jackman playing Sir Lionel Frost and Zach Galifinakis playing Link/Susan, their chemistry was fantastic and was the heart of the movie.


Zoe Saldana playing Adelina was really bad though, she had an accent half the time, and when she did that accent it was different each time. Really one of the weirder voice performances in awhile. Timothy Olyphant though as the de facto bad guy was great though and always a welcome addition to anything he is in.

Music – B-  Carter Burwell had a very soothing score that would kick into high gear anytime there was an action sequence taking place. I just with they had a signature song to bob your head to like most great animated movies do.

Story – C- The story here was very straight forward, and extremely predictable. Of course it is a kids movie and I am probably over thinking it, but I just did not feel what I thought I would at the end and maybe it is because the ending is absolutely so absurd I cannot even explain. There were definitely very funny moments and the times when it felt like a buddy movie like Midnight Run it was great, other times it just fell short though.


Overall I liked this movie and it is just another solid animated movie that we have in 2019. Unfortunately the bar is so high now a days for these movies that this one did not quite get there for me.

Juice Rating: 76/100

*All of my movie ratings can be found here.


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