Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Review

What toys did you play with growing up? Do you remember how they made you felt when you played with them? Do you recall how accomplished you felt building something on your own? Well growing up to be honest I was much more of a k’nex guy than a Lego guy (thanks Mom), and I mean just look at these bad boys.



But, obviously Lego’s have become a cultural phenomenon and everyone around the world knows the brand. I mean they have an entire theme park dedicated to the brick life.


When they announced they were originally making a Lego Movie I was like ok, there are all these crappy straight to DVD Lego movies and this will just be one of those. Then we found out that Phil Lord and Chris Miller were involved, and ears starting perking up. Wait the guys who did the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movies, and the Jump Street Movies are doing a movie about Lego’s? Now that gets the blood flowing, because they have become the new kings of satire comedy. The first ended up being incredible (juice rating 92) and they ended up creating two spinoffs, one being awesome (Lego Batman juice rating 88), and one being not so hot (Lego Ninjago juice rating 45).

So when they announced this sequel, directed by Mike Mitchell, the hopes were not as high because I was worried some of the shine was taken off the product. And I do not know if I was terribly off base there, because as good as the sequel is there just feels like something is missing. The message is great, do not take your siblings for granted, and that change can always be a good thing. However, it still felt a bit like a retread.

There were very fun elements, probably the most consistent laughs in the movie came from these happy stars that can be utilized as weapons.


And of course the voice cast was amazing as always, Tiffany Haddish was great, Elizabeth Banks was funny as usual, Will Arnett (possibly the voice work GOAT) doing his thing, and of course Chris Pratt still hilarious as Emmett.


*A couple other tidbits

  • Jason Momoa! (not saying anything else)
  • The Catchy Song in this was not nearly as good as the original Everything is Awesome.
  • God Damn I want to live in the house that Emmett builds for Lucy.
  • This Guy…


As far as a Lego Movie sequel goes this is about as good as I thought it would go. There were times when I was heartily enjoying myself and a few times where I rolled my eyes. I am happy Mitchell, Lord, and Miller made this movie I would just this is more geared toward children than the original.


As always you can find all of my movie ratings here.



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