Why are we still talking about this stupid USA show 16 years after they filmed the pilot? Well maybe it is because they just came out with the 3rd movie for this franchise, and of course it was lovely. But were here to talk about this franchise now as a whole because Psych has just been a constant in my life for so long it is hard for me to even remember a time when I didn’t have Shawn and Gus. My Psych journey started like most with that fantastic Pilot. After that I was immediately hooked because I felt a kinship with Shawn and his ADHD, and his way of speaking (we will get back to that). I used to TIVO every episode on Wednesdays or Fridays, whenever it was, and then my buddies and I would literally watch the weekly episode 5 or 6 times before the next week aired. It was an obsession, so much that I had the Psych phone case, the Psych app, and of course the Psych Bobbleheads. But more than that this show affected my personality. The way Shawn and Gus speak in references and bounce off each other is literally the way I have been trying to speak with people for years, usually ending up in me quietly laughing to myself.

This show has meant so much to me for so long it is weird, yet heartwarming to see it just continue to pop up in my life every couple years now. They have truly done everything with 8 seasons of televisions, one episode in which they completely remade an earlier episode, a musical, and three wonderful movies. The cast clearly knows how much the fans have been touched by this show, they even dubbed the fans a nickname The Psych-O’s. Since this is such a fan oriented show, I wanted to reach out to a couple friends of mine who are Psych-O’s as well and tell you why they love it so much as well, all these years later.


To write a short blurb about Psych is asking me to sum up my favorite show without going into extensive detail. Impossible. The funny, witty jokes the characters had with one another was the start of an era in comedy where you genuinely roasted your friends out of love. They may not have started the trend, but they sure as hell perfected it. You could tell the actors behind the characters were not just putting on a facade and dealing with one another. Yet, they clearly loved being around one another while filming. So if you’re are a fan of detective shows but with a comedy twist. Or a fan of gooey chocolate cookies and delicious flavors (inside jokes for when you watch the show) take the time to watch this fantastic show, you will not regret it because “I know, you know, it’ll Psych you out in the end”

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What made psych so great for me? Well that’s certainly a loaded question. Between the, amazing casting, under the radar character development and evolving storyline, there isn’t one way to sum that up:

            1.         Amazing casting- This show was casted PERFECTLY! Not only are James Roday and Dule Hill born to be co-stars, every single support character always seems to seamlessly fit the role they are to portray. Juliet, Henry, lassie, chief Vick, Yin and Yang the list goes on and on. It’s rare to see every character in a show fit with no hesitation, and psych nails it over and over!

            2.         Character development- shows like psych don’t tend to have character development beyond the normal story line. Love interests, writing characters out etc.. all part of the normal trend. This show shows character development for EVERY character, Episode to episode.

            3.         Evolving storyline- this show is constantly building and building while at the same time, you can pick it up at almost any point and know what’s going on. Their use of one and done characters and brining them back in later seasons (yin and Yang, despereaux to know a couple) is very unique. On top of that, those characters come back and completely blow your mind in how they are approached! You think you know them and BOOM, something happens that makes you think differently.

All in all psych is an incredibly, witty, smart and complete show and the top show you NEED to watch ASAP!

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What makes Psych great? Is it the serialized buddy cop plot lines that so many other shows have followed over the years? Is it the relationship between our two main characters? Nay, it is the fact that the show became self aware almost immediately.
The show runners had made a buddy cop show that makes fun of other buddy cop shows. Shawn and Gus like to pretend they are in their own version of Lethal Weapon, and we are the beneficiaries of that desire.

When I started watching Psych back in the day, many of the references they made went right over my head. But now, with another 15 years of TV show watching under my belt, those references have begun to land. It’s like I’m watching it for the first time again. All these new shows today have an agenda, whether they strive to be woke, or comment on the state of the world today, it takes the viewer out of that state of fantasy they seek when watching. I’ll plant my flag in the ground now and say we need more shows like psych. Shows that let us pretend for a while that there isn’t anything bad going on in the world. (except scooby doo-esque bad guys that have a plan that gets foiled by Shawn and his gift of foresight) A show that even 15 years later, is churning out movies and musicals because the fans love them so much.


Ovaltine Jenkins

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My favorite show is Psych and not enough citizens of planet Earth have paid their respects to the USA Network/ Peacock powerhouse. I first watched Psych as it aired, starting in 2006. I was fresh off my Bar Mitzvah and a lot of the references were too powerful for me to understand. My rewatches get richer as I grow older and my admiration for the franchise deepens as I recognize how spot on certain references are. For instance, I didn’t know Twin Peaks existed when I watched Dual Spires initially and now I metaphorically worship at the alter of David Lynch. James Rodayriguez and Dule Hill achieve levels of physical comedy, banter, charm, and overall chemistry that I dream of replicating in the real world. I tuned in each week to watch them solve unsolvable crimes in preposterous fashion with an impressive array of guest stars along the way. It’s a playful franchise that is never afraid to make fun of itself and be obscure. Creator Steve Franks gave the cast the opportunity to take the words on the page and run with it. We all get to bask in James Rodayriguez, and the rest of the magnificent SBPD ensemble going off book and creating something special. I look forward to my one rewatch a year to prepare for an annual Psych movie until it isn’t fun for them anymore, which I don’t think can happen. 

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*As the Juice Man likes to say A Couple Other Tidbits

  • Underrated that the creator wrote Big Daddy.
  • I went to Los Angeles Hebrew High School with the longest tenured little Shawn and current rising star, Skylar Gisondo. He explained to me that the ones before him didn’t possess the true essence of Shawn Spencer. I can’t say I disagree.
  • There’s something to be said about a USA Network show shooting in Canada. I don’t know what it is, but it’s out there now. 
  • I sign mail and packages to Apple Juice with different nicknames Shawn gives Gus over the years.
  • The Mentalist can suck it.
Why You Should Watch: Psych. Psych is the goofy, self-aware version… | by  Charing Kam | Medium

So from all of us who love this show, Thank You, you have given us all so much over the years and It is an honor to watch anything put out by this crew. I hope to Psyched Out till the end of time.


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