Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Review

*Spoilers for the entire View Askewniverse


IMDB Synopsis

Jay and Silent Bob return to Hollywood to stop a reboot of ‘Bluntman and Chronic’ movie from getting made.

We have spent so much time and energy talking about the Marvel Universe, and for good reason! They have basically taken over the global box office and have transformed the cinema for better or worse. But people forget Kevin Smith started his own universe in the 90’s, which he did because he was inspired by Marvel comics (obviously).

View Askew.PNG

These movies changed how a group of people of a certain age spoke, and how stories can be interwoven through different threads. You also had Alanis Morrisette playing god, Ben Stiller and Matt Damon playing angels, and endless phrases like Snoogins and Snoochie Boochies. Through it all you had Jay and Silent Bob, played by Jason Mewes and of course Kevin Smith himself.


After Kevin Smith had a heart attack a few years ago he really reevaluated his post View Askew Life (see Jersey Girl, Tusk, Cop Out Yoga Hosers LOL). He decided to write a Reboot for his Universe, and basically just make fun and call back to everything he is done in his life. It is fitting Endgame game out this year because Smith has been marketing this as his Endgame. He got everyone back from his previous movies including Affleck and Damon, along with additions of people like his daughter Harley Quinn Smith, Fred Armisen, Molly Shannon, and even Thor Himself Chris Hemsworth (more on the cameos later). So it is just crazy cameo after crazy cameo that keeps you on your toes for what is going to happen next.

It is still a Kevin Smith Movie though, so you can expect a lot of cussing and a lot weed and sex talk. That may turn some people off but at least he is being authentic to himself and to the universe as a whole. The difference with this movie, besides being absolutely hysterical, more than the others is he really allows the heart of his writing to shine through. We have an amazing story line about fathers that lingers throughout the entire movie and you can see how it was influenced by both Kevin and Jason becoming fathers. I actually got to go to a Q & A session with him talking about this and you could just hear the sincerity and genuineness in his voice with how much he loves this movie and what it means to him.

My view of the Q & A.


Stock Watch


Stock Up – Kevin Smith as a director is absolutely back. He said he has Clerks 3 coming soon and he gave us in Chicago the plot for that (I know you are dying to know)! This was signature Smith in every way from humor to heart and I hope he just keeps making movies like this.


Stock Up – Jason Mewes got a chance to direct his first movie recently and really shined in his role here. Of course he played the fast talking, dim witted Jay, but he played the character with so much emotion he really was the core of the movie.


Stock Up – Harley Quinn Smith was awesome as Jay’s daughter in this. Of course she is the director’s daughter but I she had some genuinely great moments in this and seeing how she was in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, she seems to be really growing her career.


Were also going to have a little fun and do a cameo ranking!

  1. Ben Affleck – A+
  2. Logan Lee Mewes – A+
  3. Jason Lee – A+
  4. Matt Damon – A+
  5. Joey Lauren Adams – A
  6. Chris Hemsworth – A
  7. Val Kilmer – A
  8. Method Man and Redman – A-
  9. Brian O’Halloran – A-
  10. Kevin Smith as Kevin Smith – A-
  11. Jennifer Schwalbach Smith
  12. Tommy Chong – B+
  13. Molly Shannon – B+
  14. Justin Long – B
  15. Shannon Elizabeth – B
  16. Rosario Dawson – B-
  17. Yoga Hoser Guys – C+
  18. Jason Biggs – C+
  19. James Van der Beek – C+
  20. Adam Brody – C+
  21. Chris Jericho – C+
  22. Melissa Benoist – C+
  23. Craig Robinson – C
  24. Fred Armisen – C
  25. Diedrich Bader – C
  26. Joe Manganiello – C
  27. Dan Fogler – C

Woo buddy thats a lot of cameos.

This was a very hard movie to rate and talk about because it is so dependent on what came before it. But Smith absolutely nails what he set out to do which is make a very funny movie with a lot of heart and that is exactly what this is.

Juice Rating:

Jay and Silent.PNG

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