Rambo: Last Blood Review

* A few overall franchise spoilers here


John Rambo is a character that has gone through a major evolution throughout his five movies. His debut in First Blood really was a much more reserved character, a Vietnam veteran who just wanted a job back in the world. In that original movie he only killed 1 person. Fast forward to Last Blood and there is no semblance of that original character and hundreds of people are being killed in these movies. Just look at the increases in the data below and you will see the strategy this franchise went toward.

Last Blood, Directed by Adrian Grunberg, starts with Rambo living on a farm with a a woman and her granddaughter (we have never met these people in the franchise). The girl Gabriela hears that her father has been found in Mexico and decides to sneak off to try and find him. While she is there she is tricked and sold into a sex trafficking ring, and what do you know here comes John Rambo to raise some hell. And of course HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE JOHN RAMBO.


I kid I kid, but to be honest this movie did not work at all. It had unnecessarily gratuitous violence coupled with a terrible script and mailed in acting performances. This was not Rambo, this was a sad attempt at an action movie and someone shamelessly putting Rambo’s name on it. Watching this just made me feel bad for Stallone and longing for the old days.

Stock Watch


Stock Neutral – Sylvester Stallone clearly had his day but this was not it. He had a brief comeback moment with Creed but it might be time for Sly to hang it up. The man is an Action Movie legend and that wont change from this.


Stock Down – Basically everyone else involved with this.

*A couple other tidbits

  • He held the guys head in his hands all the way to the highway?
  • Rambo recovered astonishingly quick from two bullet wounds and a horrific beating.

This movie really should not be associated with Rambo. The original Rambo was a quiet movie about how we treat our veterans when they return. This was a sloppy, cheap attempt to make some money on the name of an old legend.

Juice Rating:


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