Boxing Recap 8/31

Another great weekend of Boxing came to a close this weekend with the best fighter in the world continuing to show why he is known by that moniker. Here is my recap of the action.

Saturday August 31 – ESPN+

On Saturday in London #1 Pound for Pound fighter in the world clocked into work again dominating challenger Luke Campbell over 12 rounds. Lomachenko started slow, but those who watch him consistently know he does this in order to “download the data” on his opponent. once the second round started it was more of the norm from Loma and he systematically picked Campbell apart for the duration of the fight. Loma had some trouble getting inside due to Campbell’s length and skill but it was just very clear Loma’s skill and pedigree is just on a different level. He ended up knocking down Campbell in the 11th and almost stopping him again in the 12th, until Campbell was so frustrated he went for a double leg take down (yes this was a boxing match).

I saw other opinions on this fight thinking it was closer than the scorecards, and to that I just do not know what those people were watching. This was a pretty systematic beating from start to finish and showed again why height a lot of the time does not matter in combat sports. Skills kill and Vasyl Lomachenko has the best skills in the world bar none.

*Please see below for the highlights from this fight.


*Oh and Erislandy Lara beat Ramon Alvarez in a PBC main event that again was an absolute joke.

*Below are my pound for pound lists


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