Interview with Eric Ross

Eric Ross is a fighter from Trumbull Park who was fighting in just his second amateur fight ever. It only lasted 17 seconds and he looks well on his way to becoming a hot prospect in the Chicago Area. Here is an interview with him after his big KO in the semi finals.

How did it feel?

It felt good, I already said to myself from my last fight i had the mindset I come here to fight three rounds. I count off your mistakes, and once I see up with your chin out, thats when I counter.

I was talking to him (the opponent) before the fight, and he was saying he wanted to catch you off guard, because he switches stances, what do you think about that?

My Jab is the strength, I have a great Jab. People mainly think of the right, but the jab sets it up and then I hit them with the right. And if you miss, ill catch you on the chin.

So would you say the Jab is your best weapon? Yes for sure my Jab because again that sets up the straight and powerful right.

So does this motivate you to train even harder for your next fight?

Yes for sure, I train every day, my coaches were actually on me about training too hard. Before I came here I had a little pain in my shoulder, but that is because I train from 11-5 every day, then I go get something to eat, and go back to the gym to run, so they say I train so much.

Why did you decide to start Amateur boxing?

I actually want to go pro with this and I really think I could take off with this. I have always been a fighter ever since I was a little kid, I went to the gym and I never took it seriously because I was a tall kid and I was a basketball guy. Now Boxing is my first love.

Do you have any boxers you look up to?

I study Holyfield the most.

What do you like about him?

Holyfield knows how to make you counter, he knows how to make you pay for your mistakes, he is probably the best counter puncher I can think of. He was an animal, he know how to make you miss and then he catches you. That’s the worst shots that hit you are the ones you never see.

So whats the next step?

I win this (Golden Gloves) on the 11th, after that go to some more camps so that I can try out for the Olympics.



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