Chicago Golden Gloves + Fighter Interview

With the finals coming up this weekend, this week I will be putting out a couple pieces and articles about my amazing experience at the Chicago Golden Gloves. Please check out their website here or check out their social media pages: TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

*Also if you are looking for incredible pictures from the event please check out the great Michelle Keim’s website here.

On March 23 I had the opportunity to attend the historic Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament down at Cicero Stadium. This tournament is one of the oldest and largest Amateur Boxing Tournaments in the country and has some incredible history. Some famous champions from the past have been Ezzard Charles (shoutout Cincy), Sonny Liston, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali..




What makes this tournament great is the fact that anyone can compete. When i was there I saw everyone from 17 year old’s to guys almost in their 40’s. I was also told a story about a woman in her 60’s who fights in these and sounds like the most bad ass woman in the world. After enjoying all 22 fights that night I came away excited about the continuing future of boxing and with happiness that great events like this exist.

What I saw was true passion from the fighters and the fans because it felt like this was very raw and real. Sometimes, especially in professional boxing, it can feel like a show more than a fight, but these guys went after it each time like their lives were on the line. It was incredible to see and to just feel the atmosphere for each fight, with parents and coaches all rooting for the same goal.


Here is one of the interviews I did with a fighter named Corey Rowland who won his fight via Decision.

*pic from his facebook here.


Weight 123

What Gym do you fight out of?

It is called The Bloc, it is a non profit organization.

Is there anything it benefits?

We try to help the kids on the West Side, We help kids in school with their homework and give them boxing training in order to keep them out of trouble.

What is your main motivation now moving forward?

For Me, the Golden Gloves is just a stepping stone and I want to go pro. My motivation is my situation and my families situation and everything I have ever wanted to do is possible with my hands.

Fighter that you look up to?

Sugar Ray Leonard is my favorite fighter of all time, Mike Tyson is a close second.

What is the best part of your game?

I think it is my mindset more than anything else. No matter what happens I can stand up to my opponent.

*make sure to check out The Bloc here. They are a phenomenal organization that is doing incredible things for the west side of Chicago.

Corey was just one of the passionate fighters trying to use the Golden Gloves to make a name for himself and I was very happy to see what an amazing first step this tournament can truly be.

The Schedule for this weekend is…

April 11, 12, 13 – 2019 all starting at 8 pm each night.




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