Five Thoughts: UFC London

We had a weird show in London, that was capped off by an insane Main event. Here are my thoughts on the proceedings that went down on Saturday Afternoon.

  1. Even though he was not fighting Ben Askren continued to steal the show. He has been a major revelation since coming to the UFC.Evenen


2. 13 straight victories for Claudio Silva, he is a name to watch moving forward. This was an absolutely insane finish!

silv GIF

3. Jorge Masvidal is a SAVAGE, cannot ever sleep on this guy or he might put you to Sleep (did that work?)

Masvidal GIF

4. Oh and don’t talk shit to him back stage because he is always ready to fight.

Edwards GIF

5. Michael Bisping was the First UFC Champion from the United Kingdom. More than that though, he was the definition of a warrior. He absolutely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and it was a class act by the UFC to do this in London.

Bisping GIF

Not a ton happening on this card but it still gave us some memorable highlights. Next week the Octagon heads to Nashville for another fun Main Event.

*My pound for pound list can be found here.








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