Ten Thoughts: The Oscars 2019

The Oscars happened last night and there were a lot of storylines to talk about. So we are gonna do 10 Thoughts and see how they shook out.

  1. No Host was a great choice, and it was smart to have these ladies kick us off in a satirical way.


2. No one had more fun watching Queen than Javier Bardem.


3. Best Actor Winner Rami Malek (yes were still pissed about this) Really planted one on his on and off screen Girlfriend Lucy Boynton.


4. The live Shallow was……something





6. Find me a cooler dude than Mahershala rockin’ the beanie all night while winning an Oscar.


7. Olivia Colman upsetting Glenn Close for Best Actress was the moment of the night.


8. Alfonso Cuaron is a legend and the Mexican Directorial takeover is in full effect.

Cuaron and del.gif

9. Really need a movie with these two immediately.


10. Green Book wins Best Picture, might not be my choice but I can live with it.

Green book.gif

Another fun Oscar night, for another great year of movies. There are a lot of exciting films coming in 2019 so I hope next year’s awards are even better!

*As always you can find all my movie ratings here.

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