Ten Thoughts: UFC Phoenix

We had the first UFC on big ESPN card this weekend and as always there are intriguing story lines coming away from it. Lets get into it to see where we go from here.

  1. Kron Gracie (yes of the same Gracie’s) is an absolute problem for the Featherweight Division.


2. Manny Bermudez missed weight (by like 5 pounds) but still is going to be tough to deal with moving forward.


3. Aljo Sterling has become incredibly well rounded as a fighter and a personality, the top of the 135 lb. Division is crowded!


4. The UFC should hold off on going back to Phoenix after the showing from that crowd. They booed endlessly even when the fights were legitimately great (Felder Vick) and were doing the Wave at points, and holding up their phones to display boredom. What a joke, don’t show up to fights like this if you are going to turn on the fighters the second they stop throwing punches.

5. Thank You Vincente Luque and Bryan Barberena for your absolute war!


6. Cynthia Calvillo, congrats on your win, but calling out Tatiana Suarez is a dangerous move.


7. Paul Felder is a god damn animal and if the MMA gods were nice (they usually are not) they would give us Felder vs Justin Gaethje (if Justin beats Barboza).


8. 3 fighters missed weight for this event, which means the UFC really needs to start thinking about solutions for this.


9. I do not want to hear about buckling knees, Francis Ngannou is back and knocking people unconscious again.


10. Again Phoenix crowd you were an embarrassment, I hope the UFC takes a long break from heading back there.

I hope everyone enjoyed the fights! I do not think I will have much coverage of the Prague Card because there is not much interesting to say. However, back in a BIG way for UFC 235 Jones vs Smith!



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