Morbius Review

*Whatever man…

IMDB Synopsis

Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder and determined to save others from the same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. While at first it seems to be a radical success, a darkness inside of him is soon unleashed.

“I went from dying… to feeling more alive than ever.”

What is there to say about Dr. Michael Morbius at this point that has not already been said. This movie has basically been a joke on the internet now since the first trailer came out. It has been delayed constantly and now that it finally came out, people learned it just is a bad movie. However, I am here to tell you, as someone who watches way too many movies, I have definitely seen worse. I do not know if that is a compliment though, I just think this movie is being vilified even more because of all the public struggles it had in it’s release.

MORBIUS is the newest in the line of Sony Spider-Verse antihero movies with the VENOM movies and the upcoming Kraven the Hunter movie. Couple problems here, one is that the VENOM movies are not very good, and two Sony does not currently have a freaking Spider Man for this universe because Tom Holland is locked in with the MCU. Seeing how Holland’s movies have been received, it does not seem like Disney is just going to let him back across the street. So, they are stuck making movies like MORBIUS until they can sort that out.

The movie itself is standard stuff, with a Doctor who is dying figuring out a crazy way to keep himself alive by mixing Bat Blood with his Blood. Yes, I had the same question you did, WHAT DID HE THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN? His best friend Milo, who suffers from the same disease, finds out Michael won’t help him, well you get the classic Superhero, Best Friend fight (see Harry Osborn, see Winter Soldier, etc…). My biggest problem with the whole movie, is it just feels boring and pointless. The story does not really move at all and by the end you are just sitting there like what the heck just happened, did he just summon an army of bats? Even by superhero movie standards this movie just is too ridiculous to fall into that world like you can with some of these other movies.

Stock Watch

Stock Down – Jared Leto

I hate to do it to him, because I am a defender and loved his performance in HOUSE OF GUCCI. But, it might be time to leave the comic book genre behind for him. His turn as Joker in SUICIDE SQUAD and ZSJL is one of the least liked out of all the Joker performances, and now his Morbius is in the same boat. I do not know if he will get a third shot at this point.

Stock Neutral – Matt Smith

I thought his villain actually had some potential, it was just wasted with a bad script and some horrendous CGI. He will be in the upcoming Game of Thrones Prequel so I am interested to see if he will keep playing villains or branch out a bit.

*A couple other tidbits

  • Did they steal the score from Batman Begins?
  • The post credits are absolute nonsense and anyone who cares even a bit about these movies should be offended.
  • They do not explain his powers at all in this movie.

Morbius is a failure in my eyes, and it is another example of people putting out a comic book movie and hoping the audience is dumb enough to eat it up. I hope we are better than that and this is just a blip on the radar.

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