Westworld Season 3 Catch up

Westworld is one of those shows that people either love or hate. I personally love it. It’s a very cerebral show with multiple timelines and separate plot lines. If you are someone that doesnt enjoy watching a show that will have you saying, “Wait what???” at least 5 times per episode, then don’t bother. For those who have been watching, let’s catch up on what’s been happening in season 3.

confused what happened GIF by Sky

Dolores has finally reached sentience and she is back in the real world starting her plan for robot world domination with her team of Dolores copies and handy human partner Cal. Here is what is going on with our other main players:

  1. Serac — Creator of AI Rehoboam system. Looking to takeover Delos and all their data so he can merge it with Rehoboam.
  2. Maeve — enlisted by Serac to take down Dolores. She’s been in and out of this simulation as a sort of test curated by Serac. Has started to re-print herself and her friends once she realized that Delores did the same.
  3. William – Stuck in a mental hospital after dealing with the traumatic “accidental” murder of his daughter. Seems to be a good guy now after killing his old selves in AI therapy. Rescued by Stubbs and Bernard
  4. Bernard and Stubbs — Their intentions are still not confirmed but my guess is they will be aiming to stop Dolores as well.
  5. Charlotte (Dolores) — Working to prevent Serac from taking over Delos. Struggling between her Charlotte body and Dolores mind.
  6. G (Marshawn Lynch) — I’d like to hope he is back in his futuristic apartment watching some TV and eating skittles with his shirt lighting up amused.
Season 3 Trailer GIF by Westworld HBO

That brings us most of the way through episode 6 with two more to end the season. There are a couple points we should dig into here and a couple of questions that were raised as well.

First off, what is the deal with Delos security? Through three seasons they have cemented themselves as the most inept security team in film/tv history. I mean Stubbs, one handed, fended off a team of 3 guys with an ax. Keep in mind these guys all have automatic weapons. Maybe time to upgrade.

William had a pretty bleak monologue in his group therapy session. It starts like this, “Humanity is a thin layer of bacteria on a ball of mud hurtling through the void.” Holy moly what a way to introduce yourself to the support group! He continues, “If there was a god, he would have given up on us long ago. He gave us a paradise and we used everything up.” I mean…

sarah palin wow GIF by Barstool Sports

This makes me think that he is, indeed, part host and this is that side of him coming out to play. He finishes by saying that the human purpose is to speed the entropic death of this planet. (Tin foil hat time — He’s making a good point???)

jimmy fallon wow GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Either way, this was a big potential fourth wall break by Lisa & Jon Nolan with all the climate change and pandemic chaos happening right now. I am looking forward to seeing how William fits into the rest of the season. He does mention that he knows what he needs to do now. Is that more than just killing the virtual representations of himself?

The other lingering question I have is how will Charlotte use the data she just offloaded? Does she want to still raise a robot army with Dolores? Does she want to rebel against Dolores for leaving her as a sacrifice? Will she get a makeover after burning up in that gnarly car crash? These and more important questions are still left to be answered.

Until next week…


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