John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum Review

At this point when you walk into a John Wick movie, you know what your face is going to look like when you walk out.


The first two Wick movies were so out of nowhere and balls to the wall, that the hype for the third movie was extremely high. AND IT DID NOT DISSAPOINT!


Directed again by Chad Stahelski, John Wick Three takes us deeper into the crime world and gives us some of the most memorable action scenes in any movie. We see knife fights, gun fights, sword fights, horse fights, dog fights, motorcycle fights, and of course just straight up hand to hand.


At the end you are as exhausted as John Wick is and I think that is the point being made by the director. Stahelski also continued to expand the universe and made the high table much more intriguing of a big bad villain. They also set up a 4th movie and already have a 2020 release date, so yes inject all these movies directly into my veins because they are electric.

Stock Watch


Stock Up – Keanu Reeves stock honestly might be at an all time high. I know this is the same guy who did Bill and Ted, The Matrix, The Replacements, Hardball, Speed etc… But he has just become John Wick. When I look at him I see a Russian assassin who could kill me WITH A PENCIL. He is probably going to die making one of these movies but I am all in on the ride.


Stock Neutral – I mean she is freiken Halle Berry, low key one of the best female action stars we have ever had. She has done a ton of X-Men movies, Catwoman (LOL), she was in the second Kingsmen and many more. Berry absolutely murders the role of Manager of the Casablanca Continental, and could not have been more seamlessly integrated in this universe any better.


Stock Up – Asia Kate Dillon has been crushing it on Billions, and they came into this universe and just did their thing. There is no one better in Hollywood right now in playing the straight faced businessperson then Dillon.


*A couple other tidbits

  • Ian McShane just doing Ian McShane things.
  • BOBAN!
  • Lance Reddick was again fantastic as the concierge.
  • Fishburne is a true legend at this point.

Juice Rating:


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