Boxing Recap 4/12-4/13

We had a jam packed weekend of title fights happening all across the boxing world this weekend. Every major platform had a card and pretty much all of them delivered. Here is my recap of all the action.

Friday April 12 – ESPN+

This was a fairly straight forward title defense for Pound for Pound great Vasyl Lomachenko. He face very little resistance and looked his impressive self again after not being 100% his last two fights. He thought the fight was over initially after the ref called a knockdown while the ropes held Crolla up. After the action continued though Loma hit him with a devastating right hook that left no doubt who’s night it was.


Up next is probably IBF champion Richard Commey in a Lightweight Unification fight.

*Highlights of this fight can be found here.

*On the Undercard Gilberto Ramirez had a successful debut at 175 lbs. and looks like a threat to all the champions in the division. He has all the tools and size to beat anyone at that weight and I truly believe that.

*Highlights of this fight can be found here.


Saturday April 13 – DAZN

DAZN had a lackluster card followed by a rough and tumble main event. We have always said that Jaime Munguia makes great TV and usually that means because he is flawed, which he is. Most people I saw actually thought he lost this fight against Dennis Hogan tonight and I kind of agree. At worst this should have been a draw. 116-112 for Jaime is a joke and I hope Hogan gets a rematch here.

*Highlights of the bout can be found here.

Saturday April 13 – Showtime

Showtime had the Undisputed Women’s Middleweight Championship this weekend and it did not disappoint. The build up to this fight with Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer was great and the fight proved to live up to everything we had hoped. Christina started off popping her jab and looked like her movement was frustrating Shields. However, Claressa quickly figured her out and slowly but surely picked Hammer apart for the rest of the fight. If they fight three minute rounds like the men, Claressa for sure would have finished her at some point in the 7th or 8th round. I also thought the ref needed to penalize Hammer more for her clinching because it was getting to Klitschko levels.

*Highlights of the fight can be found here.

*My updated pound for pound list can be found shere.



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