Ten Thoughts: UFC 235

We had a great night of fights in Vegas for the UFC’s monthly Pay Per View. We had arguably the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time defend his belt. We also had a new champion crowned, from Africa, who looks like he may not be beat for a very long time. Here are my Ten Thoughts on all the action from Saturday.

*All gifs courtesy of the UFC

  1. Macy Chiasson is a name to remember for the Womens Bantamweight Division, she seems to be very long and slick for the division.


2. From The Ultimate Fighter season 1 till today there may be no more intense fighter than Diego Sanchez. It is an honor to watch him compete every time in the Octagon!


3. Man Cody Garbrandt, we had such high hopes for him when he embarrassed Dominick Cruz to win the title. Since then though he lost twice to TJ Dillashaw, and seemed to not be able to control his emotions in a 3rd straight KO loss to Pedro Munhoz. Keep an eye on Munhoz as another name in the fantastic 135 lb. division.


4. Weili Zhang looked great and is looking to start a Chinese revolution in the UFC. I will be looking forward to her next fight for sure.


5. Ben Askren’s UFC Debut was a wild ride, he tried to take down Robbie Lawler the second the fight started, and got a cold case of karma right away.


Who knows how he survived the initial onslaught, but after that he did what Ben Askren does and choked out Robbie with a vicious Bulldog Choke. There was some controversy, but I think it would have ended the same way at some point.

Askren Finish.gif

6. Kamaru Usman came in to the Octagon to become the first African Born UFC Champion. That is exactly what he did by dominating Tyron Woodley with some suffocating wrestling. Some may say it was boring, however if you understand how good of a wrestler Tyron is you realize how impressive Usman really was. I really do not know who is going to beat this guy for a very long time.

7. Who is going to fight Usman first? Well we know some one who has been running his mouth, and running around with a fake belt? Mr. Chaos himself, Colby Covington. You may not like him, but this is the fight game, and he needs to get slapped around.


8. The night of course belonged to the GOAT Jonny “Bones” Jones. He looked like the 14-1 favorite he was supposed to and dominated Anthony Smith from start to finish. He showed off the striking, the clinch work, and the wrestling to show that he is the most well rounded and athletic martial artist we have ever seen. Smith put up an absolute fight, even neglecting to take a DQ win after Jones kneed him on the ground. I hope he continues fighting because he is as tough as they come. Congrats to Jones though, I hope he keeps going for many years.


9. The next probable opponent for Jones has to be one of the scariest men walking around right now. The man with the Thor Hammer on his chest, Thiago Santos.


10. Oh yeah in case you missed it Johnny Walker is a serious problem in the Light Heavy Weight Division.


As always the UFC train rolls on next week, but for fight fans this is just another reason to show that this is one of the greatest sports in the world.

*You can find my updated Pound for Pound list here.


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