2019 Academy Award Predictions

Here we are my friends the Super Bowl of Movies, the World Cup of Film, The Olympics of Cinema the 2019 Academy Awards. I know most of you probably think it is stupid political B.S., but the reason I enjoy them so much is because it is the only true historical record of what was important in a given year. I hope each year the movies reflect how society is feeling, and this year seems to be no different.

The 2019 Academy Awards (this is the last time I dont say Oscar) have been an absolute shit show. First they decided to create a “popular” Oscar, which was immediately panned and retracted. Then they chose Kevin Hart as the host and the internet quickly put an end to that. Recently, they decided to give out 4 categories during the commercials to help the length of the show, wellllll you can guess what happened there.  So, if you thought the La La Land-Moonlight controversy was the craziest the Oscars could get.


Even with controversy, picks need to be made in what was a solid year at the theaters, so here are my picks for most of the Categories that will be announced on Sunday.

*All images are from oscars.go.com


Orig Screen.png

Juice’s Pick: The Favourite

This is an interesting award because it is about how well I think the script molded to the overall movie. All of these nominees are solid choices, but the combination of history and comedy in the Favourite really stood out as far as the overall script is concerned. Green Book was known to stretch the truth of the story, Roma is more about the experience than the script and Vice also is tough to confirm a lot of what happened. So im going with The Favourite.


Adapted Screen.png

Juice’s Pick: If Beale Street Could Talk

It is an absolute crime that Beale Street was not nominated for Best Picture. It is easily one of the most well made, and powerful movies of the year and has the best script in my opinion of any of them as well. BlacKkKlansman took liberties with the book, Ballad of Buster Scruggs is 6 vignettes based on a short story, and A Star is Born is great but it is a remake of a remake of a remake (woah). Beale Street needs to win this.


Visual Effect.png

Juice’s Pick: First Man

To be honest, I was laughing when I saw the nominees here. I enjoyed all of these movies, however it is funny that Christopher Robin will be able to say it had an Oscar nomination. I love Ready Player one, Solo, and Avengers, but they do not deserve Oscars in my opinion. First Man is another Best Picture snub and I had no crazier feeling in a theater in 2018 than when they opened the door on the Moon and the screen widened in Imax. So hopefully First Man can finally get some respect.



Animated Short.png

Juice’s Pick: Bao

I have not seen any of these except for Bao, so I normally would not comment on the category. But, Bao was so damn good that it needs an Oscar to keep the Pixar machine on top.




Juice’s Pick: Shallow

LOCK IT THE HELL IN! All of these songs are solid, but if you were in the theater when Gaga came on stage to sing this, you understand how unbelievably overwhelming it felt. It took over all the emotions and almost overshadowed an otherwise great movie. The only other choice is All The Stars, but Shallow is as close to a lock as it gets (more on that later).




Juice’s Pick: If Beale Street Could Talk

If you know me at all you know I am a MASSIVE movie score guy. John Williams is a personal hero of mine, and I listen to Duel of the Fates non stop because it is one of the greatest songs ever. These 5 movies all have dope scores, and it was tough to narrow it down at first. However, once I saw Beale Street I knew the competition had ended. The score was so damn poetic it will move you to tears just listening to it without the movie. Black Panther was probably the second best, but the other three were relatively generic. If Beale Street Could Talk though is one of my favorite Scores of all time.



Juice’s Pick: Roma

Easily the biggest lock of the night, Roma is a Best Picture favorite so none of these even stand a chance in this category.



Juice’s Pick: Free Solo

This is a stacked category. RBG, Minding the Gap, and Free Solo all made major headlines this year and did well at the box office. RBG had a huge year with this doc and the movie On the Basis of Sex. I think you have to go with Free Solo though, not only is it an insane, and heart pounding movie, but the feat that he pulled off is one of the greatest in Human History (and im not hyperbolizing).





Juice’s Pick: Alfonso Cuaron

The most excitement during the nomination process was Spike Lee finally getting a nomination for Best Director (extremely and unjustly overdue). And as much as I want to see him win he just happened to be going up against a powerhouse of other filmmakers. Adam McKay is one of my favorite current directors and used his unique style for Vice this year. Yorgos Lanthimos as well brought a unique feel to a story about the Queen of England. Of course though there is no one who will come close to beating Alfonso Cuaron, and he will make it 5 out of 6 years for a Mexican Director to win the award.




Juice’s Pick: Black Panther

This movie needs to win something for the impact it had on the culture, and the costumes are straight fire in this movie. Sure the other nominees have great wardrobe, but they are outfits we have all seen before. The Wakandan outfits are fresh and feel a part of a bigger culture.




Juice’s Pick: Roma

Ladies and Gentleman, Roma is a really good movie. Get with the program.


Animated feature.png

Juice’s Pick: Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse

Animated Movies mean so much to me (I am literally seeing How to Train Your Dragon 3 today), and this is by far my favorite category each year. This year had some awesome nominees, and you would think the great long awaited sequel to the Incredibles would take the cake. But along came Spider Verse and changed the entire game. It is one of the best comic book movies ever, and I truly believe it should have been nominated for Best Picture. Any other year Isle of Dogs or Incredibles could win, but Spider Verse needs to win and I will need names of every person who voted against it if not.



Supporting Actess.png

Juice’s Pick: Regina King

Really tough category here: Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone were predictably great in The Favourie, Amy Adams was a hardcore political wife in Vice, and Marina de Tavira came out of nowhere to steal scenes in Roma. My girl Regina King though shines throughout Beale Street in like the 4 scenes she is in. She captivates every eyeball looking at the screen, and deserves to win this award.



Lead Actress.png

Juice’s Pick: Glenn Close

This is a pick I do not like making but it feel inevitable. Melissa McCarthy was probably my favorite performance of the year, Aparicio and Gaga were the most shocking, and Olivia Colman was probably the most intense acting since Leo in the Revenant. However, Glenn Close is a powerhouse and the Oscars love giving out a semi lifetime achievment award like this. So expect Cruella to take home the Oscar on Sunday.



Supporting Actor.png
Juice’s Pick: Mahershala Ali
This is the most stacked category of the year for sure. Mahershala is flying right now: Green Book, Spider Verse, True Detective and Alita Battle Angel all in the last 6 months! He won the Oscar two years ago in this category and seems poised to do it again. Last years winner Sam Rockwell is just happy to be here, and Adam Driver, and Sam Elliott are not getting nearly enough respect for their roles. The dark horse is Richard E. Grant who was incredible opposite Melissa McCarthy and would be a charm to see win this. Mahershala seems inevitable though and I am not mad about it.


Lead Actor.png
Juice’s Pick: Christian Bale
My friend texted me about a week ago (shoutout Yon Jon) and said “if Rami wins we riot”
and I tend to agree with him. I love Mr. Robot as much as the next guy and live on Queen Music. BUT HE DID NOT SING, get that through all your heads. Bradley Cooper taught himself how to sing and play guitar to basically become Eddie Vedder. Viggo Mortensen gained like 50 pounds to try and make his character more realistic. And then there is the god Christian Bale who has become the Worlds Greatest Actor post Daniel Day Lewis. The man literally gained like 100 pounds and transformed into the former Vice President in looks and speech. Rami does not deserve to win on his first try and I am honestly sick of all the people who are captivated by the music and not the movie itself. Christian Bale all day, every day with a god damn Cherry on top.


Best Picture.png

Juice’s Pick: Roma

At this point what else can you say about this movie. So I am gonna go down and check off each one of these.

  • Black Panther – Cultural phenomenon and first Marvel Best Picture Nomination. Just happy to be here.
  • BlacKkKlansman – Very happy for Spike but a messy final act will be the downfall of this.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody – WE TAKE TO THE STREETS IF THEY WIN. In my opinion this movie should not have even come close to being nominated.
  • The Favourite – Really good, really funny I just do not think the Juice is quite there for this one.
  • Green Book – Solid, feel good movie, that has too much controversy surrounding it to win.
  • A Star is Born – Really odd this one is not getting more hype, it is probably second in line in my eyes for this year.
  • Vice – Love the movie, love Adam McKay but this is too politically right and unorthodox for the Academy to show it any love.

Leaving the black and white, foreign film Roma to come away with the biggest prize of the night. It is unconventional but of all these choices it is the best and most well made movie. So I hope the Academy gets this right and rewards greatness.


This will of course be a night of fun, and controversy when one of our favorites doesn’t win. But just remember Searching got snubbed in every category this year, so if you do not like these movies go watch that.


Enjoy the Oscars everybody!

*As always you can find all of my movie ratings here.










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