Five Thoughts: UFC Fortaleza

We had an awesome card in Fortaleza on Saturday, it did not have a ton of notable fights though. So I will be doing 5 thoughts this week instead of 10.

  1. Johnny Walker is a star in the making!

Walker Celebration.gif

Walker Worm.gif

However he may have gotten away with being disqualified?


2. Is anyone surprised Charles Oliveira is a snake on the ground?


3. Demian Maia is the most savage human with a dad bod on Earth!


4. Jose Aldo still has something left in the tank, and deserves I believe more recognition than people tend to give him.


5. Marlon Moraes is 100% the top contender in the Bantamweight division and should fight for the title ASAP!


These type of cards are the reason people love the UFC. You have a bunch of guys who the casual fans may not know of, and a ton of awesome finishes. What more can we ask from our beloved Human Cockfighting!

*As always my pound for pound lists are here.


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