Golden Globes Recap

Here is my ten point reaction to the craziness that was the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. With some fun Gifs because whatever its the Globes.

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody cleaning up the major awards proves the point that this is not a show awarding the best movies. It is a show that wants to get the buzz going and to be honest get a lot of people mad online.

giphy 4

     2. Christian Bale’s speech shows that he is “The Guy” in Hollywood now.


     3. Lady Gaga losing to Glenn Close (LOL) makes me think she has to be a lock at the Oscars now.

giphy 5

     4. The Kominsky Method is actually funny (Thanks Dad)


     5. Dick Van Dyke at 93 years old is still looking like a god damn snack


  1. Jeff Bridges has just become the Dude in real life.




  1. Jim Carrey is becoming the new Bill Murray, and I do not think that is such a good thing.
  2. Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh were perfectly suitable for this type of award show.


  1. Green Book took home a lot more awards than I or most people were expecting.
  2. The Golden Globes are still complete nonsense and I probably care way too much about this stuff.




*As always all of my movie ratings can be found here Movie Ratings


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