Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins is an absolute classic movie that launched Julie Andrews into superstardom.


It gave us classic songs such as: Step in Time, Spoonful of Sugar, Feed the Birds, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (obviously looked this one up), and many more. After seeing the Movie adaptation and the on stage adaptation, I was very excited to dive back into the magical world and see if it still is “practically perfect in every way” (see what i did there).

Right off the bat we start off with Lin Manuel Miranda playing Jack, who is basically just a new version of Bert but with a much more intense accent, singing about the “Lovely London Sky.” To be honest the accent is a little distracting from the rest of his overall solid performance as Mary’s sidekick. I also do not understand why he did not get to write most of the soundtrack seeing as everything he writes turns into Gold. Low key he also likes to have people pointing at the sky on all his work as well.


When we finally meet Mary Poppins immediately you forget about Julie Andrews (I know Heresy) and welcome Emily Blunt into the role. She falls right into this role with such precision that my main takeaway from this movie is that Emily Blunt is an absolute Star. As Mary, she hits that perfect balance between rude and comforting that is so necessary for this role. She is the reason this movie is exponentially better than it probably should have been.


Main issue with this film, besides the unnecessary 15 minutes of Meryl Streep, is that the songs are not quite as memorable or catchy as the original. Another issue is that it is extremely similar to the original film as far as the plot goes, and I wish they took a few more chances to put an original stamp on this.

A couple other tidbits:

  • Seeing Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury on screen again was awesome.
  • Lin Manuel’s inevitable Rap scene was very fun.
  • How does Julie Walters show up in every british movie?


Overall this is a great notch into Rob Marshall’s movie musical belt He has a talent for this kind of work and I would not complain if he decides to continue making them.


*As always my movie Ratings are housed here Movie Ratings


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