The issue I consistently run into in my life is the fact that I have so many interests and not enough people to talk about them with. Whether it is my obsessiveness with sports, movies, and TV or whether its my interest in History or Geography. I find myself sitting at home just answering Jeopardy questions or Sporcling by myself (I know nerd alert).


Honestly I am happy being a Nerd, I love my Star Wars mousepad, and I love collecting Superhero movie cups at the movie theatre. If something makes you happy what is the point of hiding it? So I am going to throw my thoughts down here as much as I can. I will talk Movies, TV Shows, Ball sports and Combat sports. I am also going to talk about how history relates to all of these topics. I am very excited to be doing this and will also have an associated Youtube page where i will be posting similar content.

Fair warning, I am not doing this because I wax poetic like Stephen King, I am just doing this because I enjoy culture and would like to get my thoughts to the world.

Today I am reviewing Bumblebee and how it relates to the series as a whole




When I first saw the trailer for this I was not excited at all because it seemed like just another high explosion, zero sense Transformers movie. However as I read more about it I was excited to find out that they were shaking up the formula. First off no Michael Bay, which means a lot less of this.


Other exciting aspects I read were that it was going to be set in the ‘80s and the Transformers would have the original designs, to be honest I was not a Transformer kid however I still love anything authentic so I hopped on board. When I walked out of the Theatre I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie compared to previous installments in the franchise. Well, I guess not really because the other 5 movies are pretty trash, my highest rated of the original 5 is number 1 at a 70/100 so no I did not like Transformers on the Arthurian round table.

The best part of this movie was how contained it felt, all the scenes with the “transformer war” had me tuning out. Everything with just Bumblebee, Charlie and Memo were really fun and felt humanizing to the Robot. Much less Military scenes and more laughing and Teen Angst.

Charlie (played by Hailee Steinfeld) was a character we have seen in many movies before, Parent dies and spends half the movie telling everyone how she hasn’t gotten over it, and she does not quite hit the mark for me. I thought she would be the breakout star of this movie and I just am not sold on her yet. Memo (played by relative newcomer Jorge Lendebrog Jr.) does not get a ton to do but always has a really good presence on the screen and I will be buying a little bit of stock in his future. Other than that not really a ton of performances to highlight other than why is John Cena in this movie?

Overall I enjoyed this movie and I think it is the best installment the franchise has had to date.


*All my movie Ratings are housed here Movie Ratings


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