A.P Bio — You wish you had Jack Griffin as a teacher

Alright everyone, start shutting up now. We’re here to talk about Peacock’s (NBC Universal’s streaming service) hidden gem, A.P. Bio. For all you Always Sunny fans out there, this should be your next binge. Glenn Howerton and creator Mike O’Brien just aired their 3rd season after surviving a cancellation from NBC. (Thank god for streaming) Dr Jack Griffin (Howerton) is a disgraced Harvard Philosophy professor … Continue reading A.P Bio — You wish you had Jack Griffin as a teacher

The Trial of the Chicago 7 Review

*This is a true story… IMDB Synopsis The film is based on the infamous 1969 trial of seven defendants charged by the federal government with conspiracy and more, arising from the countercultural protests in Chicago at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The trial transfixed the nation and sparked a conversation about mayhem intended to undermine the U.S. government. “There’s no place to be right now … Continue reading The Trial of the Chicago 7 Review

Raymond Reborn: Debriefing StingRaymond

*20-30 min. read For new readers, this is my friend AJ’s blog, aka Apple Juice. He reviews movies in concise debriefs complete with stock watch, gifs, and a Juice rating. I’ve wanted to enter Juice’s world with musings of my own for quite some time. It came down to what would change me from a first ballot Hall of Fame couch potato, to someone who … Continue reading Raymond Reborn: Debriefing StingRaymond

An American Pickle Review

*For all my Mensches out there! IMDB Synopsis An immigrant worker falls into a vat of pickles and is brined for 100 years. The brine preserves him perfectly, and when he emerges in present day Brooklyn, he finds that he hasn’t aged a day. Eddie Murphy, Lindsay Lohan, Mike Meyers, Peter Sellers and the list goes on of the actors who have given great performances … Continue reading An American Pickle Review