A Playlist For You: A or B

What up, party people? 

As I’ve mentioned, I am a big ‘ole music nerd. I am currently studying to earn a degree in Music Business from Columbia College in Chicago. To enhance my musical education, and help myself stay musically organized, I actively create/curate playlists.

I’ve always thought a playlist says so much about a person. For example, are you the type to have a new playlist for each month (like me)? For each mood? Do you make your playlists, or do you find them? Are you some kind of psycho who has one giant playlist for every song you like???

No matter what, I think we can all agree that having/finding cool playlists makes listening to music a more enjoyable experience. Something I like to do in my free-time is curate oddly-specific playlists for friends, and the world, to enjoy. In that spirit – here is a playlist I’ve been putting together and playing with the last few months.

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A or B

Remember going to the eye-doctor and having them put lenses in front of you going “#1 or #2?….1? ……………………..or 2”? Well, this playlist takes that energy and gives it back to you (I know, it’s exactly what you wanted!). Just kidding, but it did help inspire the playlist title. The idea for this list was finding songs with the same title that are drastically different songs and pairing them together. The juxta-position of these tracks creates some interesting combinations. This one is a fun odd-ball of tunes that you probably wouldn’t hear together otherwise. Maybe this isn’t one to play all the time, but go through it one day while you sit at your couch-desk. You might find a gem. This playlist isn’t genre-specific and has a little bit of a lot of things.

Featured artists include: Snail Mail, Travis Scott, Little Dragon, Calvin Harris, Mereba + More

Keep it trill, y’all.



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