Back to School

Every week I am going to try and do something a little different, I will be reviewing an older movie that may not be incredibly famous. I will take requests as well, so do not be afraid to reach out and ask about a particular movie you may enjoy.

I am starting with a movie that is near and dear to my family’s heart, the Rodney Dangerfield classic Back to School. Growing up I watched this movie more times than I can count, yet as I get older it has only gotten better for me. In true Rodney style the jokes come fast and crude. There is no better comedian to enjoy if you just sit back and listen to him spit banter all over the screen.


The movie is a story about a man named Thornton Melon (played by Dangerfield) who is a business tycoon, after having numerous successful Tall and Fat stores. He has a son name Jason who is having a hard time in college and since Thornton never actually finished college he decides to go back and enroll as a freshman (Yes if anyone saw Life of the Party with Melissa Mccarthy, they stole this story.)


Hijinks ensue and it becomes a heartwarming story about a father and son reconnecting. But in between that are some of the funniest gags in any comedic movie in history. I can understand some not liking Rodney’s Rat-a-tat style, however if you do, this is him at an all time best.

Dangerfield is incredible, he is like a Prime Jordan averaging 45 points in the series against the Suns. Just owns every scene and you cannot take your eyes off him at any moment. Keith Gordon plays his son Jason Mellon who is fine in the role of the straight man to counteract Rodney. William Zabka comes in as his classic 80’s villain role with a character named CHAS OSBORNE! (he is basically just Johnny Lawrence in a swimsuit.) And the last role player in this movie is none other than god damn Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr (yes you read that right). He plays Jason’s roommate Derek Lutz, and is a nerd who hates conformity. Really an all time ensemble cast when you round it out.


A Couple other tidbits:

  • If you have never seen this Sam Kinison scene than you are missing one of the greatest comedic scenes in movie history.
  • Sally Kellerman and Paxton Whitehead are hilariously overacting throughout the whole movie and I absolutely love it.
  • There is a CGI scene at the end at the is laugh out loud atrocious.

This is an incredible Comedy that has surprisingly aged very well seeing as it came out in 1986. There is not one scene I do not laugh in and that is really all you can ask when you sit down to watch the genius of Rodney Dangerfield.


*As always all my movie ratings can be found here Movie Ratings.


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